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Seven tips to teach you how to choose safe and beautiful - shower room

by:Appollo     2021-07-28
For the layout of the toilet, more and more people choose dry wet depart, this not only convenient, and safe. With the construction of modern furniture, shower room became a fashion trend. Many people prefer to shower to bath. How to choose the shower room with safe and beautiful? Small make up teach you seven and shower room! 1, shower room advocate material quality is critical to explosion-proof glass, ordinary glass shower room cannot be used to do, must use toughened glass, and should follow the following four aspects: there are 3 c authentication marks, use laser print directly on the glass is preferred; Toughened glass thickness of 6 mm to 8 mm commonly is ok; Check for damage, glass edge chamfer edge grinding processing whether level off, there is a problem of product installation explosive risk in the aftermath of the much larger; The best in the glass with a layer of explosion-proof membrane. Even really have a problem, the shards of glass will only adhesion on the membrane and high won't hurt; There are many businesses launched with CCCs certification tempered glass or laminated glass, the price will be more expensive than ordinary tempered glass, the product itself has the explosion-proof function. 2, poor aluminum shower room should be strong aluminum thickness is only 0. 7mm- 1. 1 mm, mostly is made by recycling of waste aluminum; Surface of trachoma, pinhole, darker color, texture soft, easy to deformation. With hard at home cleaning, easily lead to shower room since the explosion. Good aluminum material strictly, not only the surface can also processing through many layers, the coating is firm, tonal and bright, not corrosion, and thickness will be in 1. 2mm- 1. 5 mm, some even can reach 2 mm. 3, poor quality of shower room is slippery course to smooth the slippery course of pull hard, hard pull the glass uneven easily exploded. So the pulley wheel seat to use compressive strength, resistance to heavy material, such as 304 stainless steel, high-end synthetic materials. Wheel seat sealing good, it is not easy to water vapor into the wheel, the wheels of smooth sex can be guaranteed. 4, shower room handles to safety handle of shower room had better not too abrupt; Especially with the elderly, children in the home, shower in the handle of the edges and corners is too trenchant crashed into the vulnerable. Still had better choose smooth appearance, switch conveniently and easily. 5 want close shower room, shower room strip of water vapor is heavy, high temperature, high polymer made of strip is easy to aging, generally every year or two, need to replace it. High quality of the sealing strip of shower room should not be a breakpoint in the hinge, door sealing strip between should have magnetic, sealed performance is better. 6, choose shower door to be comfortable and sliding door does not occupy a space, suit small family toilet, but slides easy fouling or falls into hard objects, not easy to clean. Flat open, suitable for large area of toilet, switch is convenient and easy, but hard to use, and should not be easy to knock against items. You can choose different ways of opening according to family. 7, choose shower room function to practical shower room according to the feature points in the overall simple shower room and shower room. The overall function of shower room is more, including steam, massage, sauna, shower, etc. , the price is higher, generally cannot be made, suit to have children, older people in the home, and the family with higher quality of life. No 'roof' simple shower room, easy to clean, the price also is more economic. Always follow the shower room shower space provides the high quality for the consumer, the product quality as the vitality of the brand and the core of enterprise development key, as one of China's top ten brand shower room of shower room manufacturers, with the high quality shower house price and service for the user to create a comfortable and convenient life.
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