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Should pay attention to matters - when buying shower house

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
The brand is various, shower room on market prices vary widely, the price difference lies in their different of material and process, so consumer is buying the shower room, should pay attention to the following: the thickness of the glass and toughened high quality shower room commonly used high quality glass and full toughened glass, not only beautiful and practical. Shower room USES through the national 3 c certification and reach Europe BS6206 standard car class completely tempered safety glass, high purity, uniform toughened, good effect, high safety coefficient, very safe to use. The thickness of the aluminum alloy and the thickness of the surface treatment of aluminum alloy will affect the overall robustness, and the aluminum alloy of shower room is imported Australian pure aluminum industry, combined with magnesium and titanium. Through the deep processing to aluminum, magnesium alloy resistance capability is strong, do not fade; Hardness is 14 degrees of high purity aluminum, the price is high, hard moderate ductile and not brittle, aluminum thickness 1. 5 - 4 mm, not changeful form. Check whether the roller bearing is flexible shower room sliding door pulley is one of the important components of pulley must be flexible, lightweight stainless steel screws. If the push and pull up pulley large sound or astringent, affect the service life. Pay attention to design flexible, with high precision, long service life, high quality materials, keep silent, flexible, lightweight switch. Not covet is cheap option 3 without the product purchase shower room, the choose and buy must be marked with detailed production producer name and address and goods certificate of shower room, especially when buying computer steam shower room, otherwise there is great potential safety hazard, easy to accidents. When buying a shower room to measure the bathroom shower room, before the choose and buy should first according to measure the size of the bathroom, oneself to before decorate a shower room reserved space, if the bathroom has 4 - 5 ㎡, can choose 1 x1m shower room position; The bathroom has eight The space of 10 ㎡, can choose 1. 5× 1. 5 m of shower room, but the room height not less than 2. 2m。 In base even before decorate, first measure and planning, reserve a good drainage, water supply and wiring position, so as to avoid inconvenience in use. Want to know more information to buy shower room, please click on 'how to choose and buy a reassuring shower room'
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