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Shower room aluminum equivalent to a human skeleton, how to do maintenance work? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Summer is coming, and take a shower is preferred by the majority of users, frequent use of shower room, the related material will be affected, the aluminium is an important part of shower room, so how do you maintain that promoted the aluminum can extend lifespan of shower room? Shower room small make up for your answer. Aluminum is divided into a shower room are stained by electrostatic spraying and another by oxidation coloring, so before the choose and buy must learn their shower room which is a kind of aluminum. Electrostatic spraying class products, first of all need to pay attention to is to prevent sun point-blank, because the resin material and the corresponding base powder if the long-term exposure of sunshine, photosensitive reaction will happen, will form the plastic layer of fade. Secondly when found to have besmirch, cannot use coarse material items to wipe, also prevent children with sharp objects, finally in polish, can use a neutral detergent products to wipe, do not use corrosive liquid to wipe, so before buying, be sure to watch the instruction. Another oxidation coloring products, compared with before a this is not easy to fade and photosensitive reaction, but also need to pay attention to is not grace to you with a rough hard objects to wipe, if have a stain, need to use a neutral detergent products to wipe. Summer how to maintain the l, shower room is the masses of users on topics of mutual interest, so users need clear own product material composition, and choose appropriate cleaning products regularly to wipe, so as to prolong the service life of good shower room of aluminous material, better service for the user.
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