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Shower room aluminum frame how should maintain? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Shower room has become one of the common sanitary products we use in our everyday life, its all kinds of benefits to our life believe that everyone is there for all to see, and even replaced the bathtub became one of the most popular large-scale sanitary ware. So how do aluminum alloy framework of shower room maintenance can prolong the service life? Here we learn about the together! Shower room of aluminum alloy frame maintain 1, electrostatic spraying aluminum alloy frame maintenance: electrostatic spraying aluminum frame is indicating, bone color, blue, yellow, white, red, purple, such as solid coating aluminum frame. This kind of product in the first place to prevent direct sunlight and air, sunlight will happen because the resin material and basement powder light reflection, cause coating layer fade; Second cannot wipe with corrosive liquid or material; The third cannot use coarse material ( Including toothpaste) Wipe the surface; The first four use sharp objects to depict surface. If the aluminum surface besmirch, please wipe after washing clean dissolved in neutral water. 2, oxidation coloring of aluminum alloy frame maintenance: oxidation coloring class aluminum alloy framework refers to the gold, silver, silver, brushed silver surface shading class aluminium alloy frame. This kind of product to electrostatic coating products are not easy to fade, but the hardness is poorer, so can't wipe the surface with coarse material, especially can't depict the surface with sharp object. If the aluminum surface besmirch, please wipe after washing clean dissolved in neutral water. Tip: shower room shower room when the choose and buy not covet is cheap. Must buy with detailed production producer name and address and product certification of products. Color design should be coordinated with toilet adornment style. Foshan, the shape of shower room is usually symmetrical fan, toilet also can choose square. Most consumers like appearance, have a translucent shower room design, the product itself adornment sex is strong, give a person with beautiful enjoyment; But there are some older people or traditional, fancy fabric type shower room, look like a cloth, is monotonous, but not transparent, is the biggest benefit of shower family can use the toilet at the same time.
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