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Shower room and maintenance skill of choose and buy, the novice consumers should keep in mind! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
The so-called shower room, is simply an independent, portable shower room. Before people is simply up a small brick wall in the floor of the between wei yu, make a piece of corner bathing place, or use the glass door between wei yu in every area of a bath, or simply mount bath, bath or bath, but these methods have their shortcomings. And a portable shower room now has independent function to provide a convenient modern bath solution. Now, the appearance of shower room is delicate, have contemporary feeling, more and more diversified shower room presents a variety of styles, some purely by glass, the dimensional feeling of concise, with a fully; Some by through special processing of wood plastic board structure, revealed in the original natural breath. And as people to the requirements of the bath is increasing day by day, separate shower room also provides a variety of functional options. Like a collection of hydraulic massage, steam, sauna into an organic whole of multi-function computer make smart shower room, shower room is equipped with a remote control also can be set free shower bath, let bath truly become a star to enjoy. Shower room of choose and buy to pay attention to the safety of shower room is more critical. In the choose and buy when, can not only consider the design of shower room or function to be complete, it is best to safety first, think about your family in use every day if I can feel convenient and practical. For example it is best not to choose and buy the shower house that the threshold is too high, so as not to shower wet floor and fell; Those features are more complex operation of shower room is also not quite suitable for the elderly and children, had better balance its operation is convenient. Due to the shower room is made by glass more, to consider from the Angle of safety and durability must choose better strength of toughened glass shower room. In addition, after buying the best require manufacturers to provide professional on-site installation, to avoid problems for damage caused by improper installation. Carefully take care of keeping clean is key because the shower room is a relatively closed small space, thus underestimates its clean, especially the understanding of shower room the hardware of the widget care as important as the overall shower room clean. The main body of shower room is much by toughened glass, all kinds of alkaline bath long-term erosion will make the glass of shower room attached yellow on the scale. When cleaning, can be sprayed on the special glass cleaner, reoccupy does cloth to wipe the can if brightness is new. For various parts of the shower room hardware connection widget, do not use any detergent to wash, lest affect the service life of the corrosion. The easiest way is to use dry cloth to wipe dust dirt clean every week, to keep it clean.
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