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Shower room can also 'rejuvenation'? Please teach me warrior style! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
The practicability of shower room is well-known in today's, dry wet depart of characteristics and the appearance of elegant atmosphere, it's can't refuse. But the shower room is in a wet state for a long time, after touching water is more difficult to clean up, answer to the question of the clean water damage we only need to master good skills, can be easily cleaned up, then will be able to 'rejuvenation' shower room! A, tools, descaling method can be used to the shower room there are many kinds of maintenance tools, such as water, watering can, glass wool cloth, windshield, etc. , using glass blowing side brush with watering can supplement the glass of water. Microfiber cloth can also change for the better water imbibition sponge, because actually remove scale don't need to use too much friction, as long as the glass full of water, the scale is easy to dissolve, you just need to wipe gently. There are scale, only need to use cold water to wash down on again, and then use clean glass scratch. Use cold water in order to avoid the individual has dried up the water droplets. If it is a new shower room, then no need to use a glass of water, as long as the direct rinse with cold water again after shower, reoccupy glass blowing clean can. Second, potato skins to divide us in our daily cooking, leaving a potato to remove the stain on the glass. Because the potato skin inside have very rich in starch, so using a potato to wipe the glass, which contains starch can take away the dirt, make glass shower room is bright and clean like new. Three, paper towel dipped in vinegar with a paper towel, don't! Decorate the teacher also told me, clean glass is the napkin of a good thing. Four don't jeans, jeans to wipe stain to cut out the size of the appropriate add some water, where there is water damage to wipe back and forth a few times, shower room glass stain disappeared nature, every brush a trace.
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