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Shower room design considerations? The three points into action (be sure to remember! ! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
In the toilet before decorating a process, people are not too many requirements, but now, people demand more and more, before it is not only the function of toilet, also more and more become a toilet and shower room decorate essential. Shower room can make better achieve the result of dry wet depart of toilet, so very popular. About the shower room design considerations, come and look at the introduction of small make up! Shower room design considerations: 1, when the design, shower room needs to be according to the size of toilet, toilet pattern and their own preferences to select all or frameless have frame of products, to better achieve the result that the owners want to! The way (at the bottom of the With the stone basin, groundmass) Choice, in view of the toilet on the windowsill, toilet, bathtub, wall column, the distance from the basin that wash a face, toilet, open mode to the comprehensive design, a set of comfortable shower room is the crystallization of perfect design. 2, in the present, wei has not only is a kind of demand, and gradually formed a literacy that defend bath, and design a good shower room has become a kind of pursuit of fashion! Choice for a set of quality shower room, not only can let us enjoy the shower of pleasant sensation, also can avoid dirty water cause spillover often clean trouble, so on the premise of have heat preservation function, more should pay attention to the effect of the dry wet depart. Professional production of shower room series, meticulously in humanized design, water tightness enough to ensure you the bathroom dry wet distinguish for your bathroom life increases the appearance. 3, different sizes for toilet, please choose the suitable shower room products. Large space, can consider from the Angle of the comfortable, comfortable shower, have a variety of selective, and the small space is to make full use of the area, to choose some doesn't take a place of shower room design, to make full use of space, also should consider when choosing the style the collocation of the overall effect, shower and toilet selected shapes ( Such as circular or square) With the shape of the basin that wash a face and toilet as far as possible coordination, reasonable layout to create a relaxed environment.
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