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Shower room design is suitable for the wei yu, how about the three strategy carefully - to watch

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
In the harsh, comfortable shower experience to make people feel relaxed and happy, let everybody can easily enjoy the shower shower room. But the design of shower room there are many places need to be aware of, especially the shower area has a lot to do with planning and the layout of the bathroom, and determine the shower area it also directly determines the choice of what type of shower room. 1, one glyph shower area which is the most common and the most practical types, because of the space relationship and design requirements, the shower area of shower room door of push-pull type and open type. 2, diamond-shaped shower room is suitable for the space between the wei yu that smaller, especially in the toilet of square, its biggest characteristic is to use a space better. 3, arc similar to the diamond shaped and shower room is also applicable to a variety of smaller between wei yu in use, and the door is push-pull type, more can save more space. 4, shower room became the small space between wei yu, this not only makes the bathroom has a separate shower space, and convenient for daily care, also played a good role in dry wet depart. In addition, it is spatial location not let go of shower room, consider adding bath shade to build the simplest dry wet depart. Shower room as in the wet state over a long period of time interval, naturally, there is a drainage, therefore the stand or fall of drainage design between wei yu to determine the degree of the clean care between wei yu. Design the shower area ground design main consideration ground drainage and antiskid two aspects. Non-slip is mainly on the use of some material chooses some non-slip surface stone or prevent slippery brick. A good shower room is necessary for the details of the design, details is reflected on the design of the humanistic care. The use of space is mainly in order to satisfy the shower room and necessities of life, especially in the pipeline, the corner region of space.
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