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Shower room detail parts quality requirements and contrast

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Now shower room has been into every family to become one of the indispensable bathing necessity, then shower room brand - — The shower room than the low price on the market what is the distinguishing feature of shower room? The following and see it together. A pure industrial aluminum, aluminum alloy shower room USES the import Australia, combined with magnesium and titanium. Through the deep processing to aluminum, magnesium alloy resistance capability is strong, do not fade; Hardness is 14 degrees of high purity aluminum, the price is high, hard moderate ductile and not brittle, aluminum thickness 1. 5m- 4 mm, not changeful form. Cheap shower room choose aluminous material used in construction, more hardness in 15 More than 16 degrees too hard, impurity, brittleness is big, price is low, because of thin wall, after the oxidation of aluminum surface will appear off color, can appear even pinhole, cut section will matt because of the magazine too much purity is not high. Sometimes squeezing a sense of depression, such materials used in shower room easily in the process of deformation, repair rate is very high! Second, pay attention to design smart parts shower room, with high precision, long service life. 81, 82, 83 series adopts imported stainless steel bearings, through the open door 60000 consecutive test, normal use life for 20 years, 32 series are the original alloy hinge design, through the open door 30000 consecutive test, normal use life up to 10 years; 32 series adopts 304 stainless steel hinge and a complete set of stainless steel precision casting hardware accessories, open door 80000 times in a row, the service life of up to 20 years. Cheap shower room has low accuracy, in order to save costs in terms of components, use no more professional plastic accessories, low grade of life is short, use of high carbon steel bearing bearing, easy to rust, slightly long push and pull hard, cause the short service life, increase maintenance rate! Three, water tightness, pay attention to the structure design of shower room, shower room by jumping around the frame of wall materials, building wall deviation correction, our company is the only one in strip as early as in the design USES the unique formula, resistant to ultraviolet light, hardy not cracked, flexibility, strong, long service life, etc, put on the glass is not easy to fall off, have a variety of strip is domestic only, fully guarantee the water tightness of shower room, Such as dislocation S82021 magnetic stripe, D32 / D33 series of organ type strip, etc. ) 。 Use the soft foam strip and original organ type strip, and the strip is very thick, can realize the shower room and waterproof leakage between the wall and door, using flexible smooth, long service life. Cheap shower room only wall materials before and after the adjustment, it is hard to fix the tilt of metope deviation to achieve complete watertight. And because the tilt of shower room is different, increasing difficulty, make activity gate resistance increases, difficult to use, moving parts life is short. Clipping strip and the use of unilateral strip mounted to the inadequate seal leakage phenomenon of shower room. Four, basin shower room USES the artificial shower bottom bottom, colour can be diversified, after high temperature to finalize the design and become, strong wen shi, when using security is strong. Smooth surface corrosion resistant easy to clean, adjust a foot design level installation fast and convenient life is long. Cheap shower room use 2 - more 5 mm thick acrylic bottom basin, a single color ( Only white) , thin wall, in the use of lower limit of the feeling, the in the mind is not steadfast. Low surface hardness, wear resistance is very poor, and easily yellowing, short service life!
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