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Shower room explosive accident let people worried, what are the causes? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Shower room is one of the most popular glass ware in recent years, with fashion shape, easy to use features such as popular, and small occupied area, easy to clean, adornment sex is strong wait for an advantage, can effectively will be basic dry wet depart of toilet, can guarantee the long-term stay dry toilet. But frequent shower room glass explosive injury accident, caused many consumers has some concerns on the shower room, are afraid to buy inferior, shower room is equivalent to install a 'time bomb' in the bathroom, then shower room because what caused the explosion? According to industry experts, will cause the glass shower room since the cause of the explosion, the four main: 1. Design is not reasonable; 2. Installation failed; 3. Glass quality difference; 4. Improper use. All, any one of the above is the cause of shower room glass explosive, if want to be safe, comfortable, fashion, so we have to understand the following knowledge, to avoid the happening of the tragedy. An explosive accident, why would shower room? First, toughened glass is a certain explosive possibility, due to the current level of production technology, toughened glass is all there is three over one thousand of the explosive rate, then what factors promote explosive is shower room? 1. The interior of the toughened glass containing nickel sulfide crystal may contain some nickel sulfide in the toughened glass crystal, the crystal is in the form of a sphere of the toughened glass inside, if is affected by the temperature or the change of time, then the crystal size are began to swell, can cause the toughened glass to produce some tiny cracks, the crack will seriously affect the internal stress of the glass balance, so would lead to explosive occur toughened glass. For the current production technology, is unable to remove sulfide nickel crystal completely, so the toughened glass has certain security hidden danger. 2. Of toughened glass is internal impurities toughened glass containing impurities are inside the glass of stress concentration, which is also the most vulnerable point of toughened glass. Impurities of expansion coefficient and toughened glass is different, after toughened glass, impurities have multiplied the increase in stress concentration. When the expansion coefficient of expansion coefficient is less than glass, impurities by tangential stress will be around in a state of tension, the interior of the toughened glass is easy to crack, it also makes the toughened glass will exist in the risk of explosion. 3, the temperature result in uneven distribution of inner stress toughened glass tempered glass are heated or cooled, can produce different temperature gradient in the direction of the thickness of the glass, when the tensile stress area within migration glass, toughened glass will have the trend of the explosive.
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