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Shower room explosive reasons, all of you really know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Many of the owners is decorated in the home or when the bathroom is decorated, can choose and buy a shower room to dry wet toilet partitions. But many of the owners are shower room explosive events make people nervous, don't know the shower room will blow itself up for some reason. Then, under the origin to tell you that shower room will blow itself up for any reason. Why the explosive accident happens shower room? First, since the explosion is one of the intrinsic characteristics of toughened glass has, because of the current level of production technology, making use of toughened glass shower room there is three over one thousand of the explosive rate. What factors can promote the toughened glass attacks from exploding scene? 1 internal rich in nickel sulfide, toughened glass crystal is rich in some nickel sulfide in toughened glass crystal, the crystal exists in the form of a sphere for toughening glass inside, was affected by temperature or follow the change of time, the volume of the crystal swell, will cause extreme tiny crack glass internal attack, and these cracks, will affect the internal stress balance of toughened glass, and then the toughened glass attack since the explosion. But at the current production technology, is unable to remove sulfide nickel crystal completely, it also makes the toughened glass is a safe hidden trouble. 2 inner impurities in the glass, toughened glass contains impurities stress, have gathered inside the glass is tempered glass brittle faults. The swell coefficient of impurities and glass is different, after the toughened glass, stress of the impurities were gathered in multiple add also. When the swell coefficient of the impurity is smaller than the swell coefficient of glass, the impurities of tangential stress around is in tension condition, the inside of toughened glass is easy to crack, it also makes the toughened glass will exist in the risk of explosion. 3, temperature in toughened glass internal stress distribute unevenly in toughened glass is heated or cooled, the glass thickness direction of temperature gradient, when the internal tensile stress area attacks migration glass, toughened glass will have the trend of the explosive.
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