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Shower room glass explosion-proof membrane how to stick to work? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
According to the survey, there have been nearly 7 into families will install a shower room to enjoy the benefits. For household's got talent, experience quality life than in the shower room experience a comfortable and unique shower process. But the shower room explosive events have become the main points of the people most concerned about. What is a shower room explosion-proof membrane? Explosion-proof membrane, shower room is a kind of safety explosion-proof membrane, it is mainly used in shower room, bathroom in the areas of architectural glass film lamination. Toughened glass are known to have 'three over one thousand of the explosive rate', this is a worldwide problem, toughened glass industry, also in the permission of the national standard range. Experts also suggest that consumers should avoid the toughened glass, prevent glass from exploding and reduce the loss and damage the lowest one of the most effective way is to the glass with a layer of explosion-proof membrane, shower room shower room explosion-proof membrane paste in toughened glass shower room, will be broken glass bonding in situ until it is removed safely and to reduce the possibility of human body injury, and to reduce the loss caused by explosion. Shower room explosion-proof membrane how to stick? A sticker should be prepared early work is first and foremost, preparing tools, such as measuring tape, small wallpaper knife, watering can, water, squeeze the water board, don't ride a horse, lint-free towel and other tools, and then to measure (glass), cut the size of the glass membrane to match with the size of the glass, so as not to cut too much waste. Next to the paster more perfect quality and effect, must advance the spray need film glass environment scattered little water drop fall dust, in order to achieve the sticky film has a good clean environment. Second, glass cleaning first under your need cleaning glass lint-free towel, in order to avoid water to soak out the bad metope, glass clean is the first important step in the film, glass cleaning clean or not is related to the quality of the glass film. Three, paste the glass membrane before and after the first in the shower room of explosion-proof membrane spray some water on both sides, easy to remove the attachments on the membranes of the glass caused by static electricity, and uncovered the good plastic film on the membranes of the glass cutting, spraying water and paste on the glass, and then squeeze out the water from top to bottom, and then give the extra edge to lay off. 4, check the quality of paste when glass membrane after the paste, carefully check the glass membrane of the quality of paste, look to whether have edge horn is not strong, whether bubbles, if there is a problem such as wrinkles. When determining without any problems, is completely finished.
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