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Shower room installation considerations of literacy - decorate

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Shower room is a convenient province space, it is the choice of many families. It takes up the area is not large, can effectively achieve the dry wet depart, winter can have heat preservation effect again, but many people may not know, use comfort and installation of shower room is closely related, so the installation shower room is to have cultured very much. Want to look easy use shower room, in the process of installing the more thinking. The meaning of shower room to install shower room has occupied area is not large, can effectively achieve the dry wet depart, winter can have heat preservation effect, and many other advantages, the water vapor in a narrow space, heat is not soon lost, whole space warm and comfortable. Use comfort and installation of shower room is closely related, so the installation of shower room is to have cultured very much. Installation process of shower room is 1. Prepare and bottom pot installation: normal shower room manufacturer send professional on-site installation, use tools to bring together, more fast and convenient. Bottom pot installation must be carefully, try to test is indispensable in water. If the room is installed, want to do big change is difficult. 2. Before preparation: see the product packaging is complete, open after the check whether the configuration is complete. Prepare the necessary tools, together with convenient to take. Material preparation: shower installation used materials including the borders, toughened glass, handle and a pulley and other accessories. Tools: in the process of installation shower room still need to use some tools, before installation, these tools better all ready. Used the installation tools have a tape measure, pencil, impact drill, hammer, electric screwdriver, glue guns, manual screwdriver, wire cutters, etc. 3. Install the bottom basin: good combination bottom parts, adjust the bottom level, ensure and pelvic floor without water in the basin. The hose with the distance scale, the pelvic floor and floor drain connection is firm. 4. Test, protection, Important link) : installed need to inspection, to ensure that the clear water. In front of the house to install good has been installed at the bottom basin for protection in a timely manner. 5. Building installation: shower room safe or not has an important relationship with building installation whether formal, find a stiletto is accurate, fittings installed elastic adequacy, waterproof seal do affect the normal use of the product. At the time of installation is also ordinary people difficult to grasp the good strength and Angle. 6. Find a, punch: a clear line between wei yu, prevent and hidden line when punching. With a pencil, level determination by aluminum wall drilling bit, with impact drill holes. 7. Install aluminum ( Important link) : in the hole type colloidal particles, and use screws to lock aluminum bar on the wall. Pay attention to the need to install and adjust constantly, to keep the vertical degree of aluminum. 8. Fixed glass ( Important link) : glass clamps locked in the bottom of the hole, the bottom of the flat or curved glass fall into glass clamp groove, gently into the wall aluminum. With screws. 9. Installation of pipe jacking, find the corresponding position above the fixed glass drilling, ( Straight mouth/bevel) Fixed and connected pipe jacking. With bent pipe should be fixed on the top of the glass. 10. Install shelf: accurate location measurement shelf installation, tighten nut, layer board fixed layer plate glass, vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to do waterproof under fixed glass aluminum. 11. Install door ( Important link) : generally move the door glass has reserved the installation hole of the wheel. Move move the door needed a pulley, we first need to install up at the top of the two wheels, after wheel with, placed into the appropriate position, then debugging installation under the wheels. Packed activities door hardware, install the hinges on fixed door hole. Installed the axial position of the adjusting lotus leaf, close to feel is the best so far. 12. To waterproof, Important link) Below: according to the requirements on the side of the glass or installed bar or strip block water absorption. The aluminum with silica gel and wall, glass with bottom thick seam basin of the joint. Shower room basic installation is completed, the place such as the aluminum frame and wall body, coated with glass glue, can effectively prevent future floods. 13. Debugging, fastening, Important link) : check whether the parts use comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be timely adjustment. Adjust after tightening the screws, corresponding to the shower room is more strong. , 14. Finishing touches: at this point, shower room installation has been completed, is the last finishing touches. Wait for the whole shower room to wipe clean with cloth, in addition to put away their installation tools and remaining parts etc, and pay attention to product protection.
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