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Shower room is decorated with skill, let no longer drab - between wei yu

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
With the improvement of quality of life, many users choose at home decorate a shower room, between the wei yu that it not only let us enjoy the wonderful bath time, and to have played a very good dry wet depart between wei yu. Shower has various shape and combined with the design of each bathroom also each are not identical. What are the skills so shower room decorate? Shower room is tie-in decoration technique 1, match colors to coordinate when we decorate between wei yu, should pay attention to color matching problem. If the bathroom space is little, can choose a few clean cool color, color collocation fastens with color, make whole space appears clear and tidy. Low chroma, tall lightness color also is right choice, but don't use too much color, otherwise, can let little shower room is too messy, it's easy to let a person dazzling. 2, space layout to reasonable due to the different shapes of shower room, the layout of each bathroom is also different, must determine the installation position when install the shower room. Toilet layout reasonable, to meet the basic function of the toilet. In general, most of the location of shower room in the corner of the bathroom, don't take too much space, easy to use. Shower room decorate note 1, decorate earlier wiring installation shower room, we need to arrange for wiring, and completes the protective device in the switch socket, so as not to appear when using after the leakage, threaten their safety. At the same time, to determine the installation position of shower room. If the position is not right, not only easy to waste space toilet, may also affect the use effect of shower room. 2, choose the right size to buy, we should according to the size of the bathroom to choose the right size. If the bathroom space is enough, the choice of shower room is more, not too many limited conditions, can choose according to their needs. If the area is small, bathroom shower room, need to choose according to the actual situation of toilet, big shower room can let little shower room appear crowded, not a lot of activity space.
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