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Shower room is dirty not clean, fast clean five recruit? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Shower room is dirty not clean, fast clean five recruit? Quick to learn from this a few action when decorating, do the dry wet depart of toilet in the home, use the glass shower, very practical, but often use, glass shower is very easy to get dirty, and it's not clean, there are so few, can solve this headache. Method a, squeeze a small amount of shampoo in birdbath, fully stir, then dip in with dishcloth take, used to clean the Windows, so that you can rub the glass was especially bright. Method 2, hidden in the glass door Angle of old dirt cleaning, need to find a small watering can, a bag of white vinegar, white vinegar and water 1:1 mix well, with a small watering can old dirt position onto the shower room corner, and then clean the glass with old newspapers. Method three, black spots on the glass, squeeze toothpaste on the glass, gently brush a brush, you can. Methods four, cling film and spray the wet cloth to make often have detergent oily glass door 'rebirth'. First of all, all glass spray cleaner, affix the cling film again, after ten minutes, solidified oily be soiled is softened, then withdraw the cling film, wipe with wet cloth. If there were the handwriting on the glass, with rubber dipped some water, then wipe clean with handwriting, reoccupy wet cloth to wipe dry. Some hot vinegar glass paint, dip in with cotton swab. Methods five, find some piece of dry clean cloth and alcohol, and then wipe glass, glass will be bright as crystal.
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