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Shower room is good, but will solve water happens to you? - - - - - -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Along with society's living standards improve, people more and more strong demand for quality household experience, pay more attention to the 'quality' this two word. Every family wants to be able to have a separate bath space, can ease shower already, and will not affect the bath area clean to normal use. And the emergence of shower room, just to satisfy people's needs. And shower on the surface of the housing is good or bad will directly affect the mood of people in the shower room shower, then shower real estate area of water, consumers is how to solve? Do you know where water shower room reason? Do you often take a bath in the shower shower real estate area cannot be open water flow? Actually most reason is shower room and toilet ground is not a level, or the leaking hole with dirt congestion shower real estate area of water, people usually decorate toilet more or less all know some distance to the ground and the overall shower room, this can make the shower room water into the sewer. According to the basic requirement for the general gap between the two should be keep in 1. 5厘米~ 2。 Between 5 cm, according to the actual situation adjustment also can not more than 3 cm. And the gap will be set up near the connection sewers of floor drain, to quickly solve the problem of water of shower room, shower real estate the relaxed and clean. Shower real estate area of water treatment method: first, consumers need to check whether the ground level, base equipment level, uneven, need to adjust to the horizontal position. Second, second to check whether the floor drain drainage flow chang, most commonly because a hair dirt jam caused water shower room, so you need to clean up. Third, advice when decorating a bathroom shower room on the ground drainage groove processing, do drainage grooves, around the middle channel water tank, impinges upon the ground quickly import all round groove, if not out, also won't appear the problem of water shower room.
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