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Shower room is how to design can enjoy the most fun? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
As people the pursuit of quality of life more and more high, what people value is not just to eat satisfied wear warm, at the same time also pay more attention to the enjoyment of everyday life. So people like to after a hard day, came home to wash a hot bath. Today, the advent of shower room shower is more simple, more enjoy, but at the time of shower room design should pay attention to what issues? A, what role does the shower room 1, shower room can make the difference between a toilet, build independent space that wash bath. At the time of shower, can hold off the shower when water flowed, keep the boring of toilet. 2, winter bath, shower room space is small, more warm and the shower is not too cold. Many people all want to put bath crock in the home, but relative footprint bath crock is larger, the shower room is dealt with this problem, on the other, cover an area of an area small, convenient device. 3, the appearance of shower room is diversiform, satisfying various requirements on the function, can also ensure that the general appearance of toilet. Second, the different structural characteristics of shower room is introduced since the division of different structure, then what kind of structure is one of the most reasonable cannot confuse STH with STH else. This according to the specific circumstances in your home, usually for different structure characteristic of shower room is not the same, the following will introduce simply. 1, move the door shower room door of shower room is the biggest advantage is able to save valuable space in the clean room, because the sliding door is choose planning, door plank not occupy area thoroughly, can greatly save space, to make more room to place the intelligent toilet closestool the wei yu that perhaps other household items. The shower room contrast suitable toilet area is usually small. 2, open the shower room of shower room so planning looks more like inside the clean room and he made a small house, the same administrative levels feeling of the space to add greatly. Home clean area of contrast between large users choose such a shower room is comparative reasonable. 3, arc segment and diamond shaped arc segment and diamond shaped shower room of shower room is in recent years is relatively popular style, its shape looks more like a intends to cut the cake, the same strong visual shock contrast. So planning of shower room has a benefit which is able to set aside at both ends meet space to place the toiletry case ( For example, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc. ) , use rise very convenient. Three, shower room adornment to be done before choosing shower room is the best way is in the bathroom before decorate, prior planning appropriate size and embedded in advance corresponding hole, if the device has good water supply system, good tile floor tile, customized shower room should be targeted. When planning shower room, can choose the specification, also can be customized according to toilet. Shower room of choose and buy, the primary requirements are clearly marked the size of the toilet structure diagram, for the store clerk refer to the plan, can also ask professional planning personnel to the site planning, inductive site condition and itself like manufacturing drawings, conclude that factors completely, and then arrange factory produce. Non-standard shower room manufacturing cycle and transport time is 20 days or so, then please send device professional and technical personnel.
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