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Shower room is the trick of choose and buy more carefully to identify material -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Bathroom is decorated in, shower room began to be popular, it not only space utilization rate is low, also can keep the bathroom clean very well. Qiu dong season, the temperature change is bigger, shower room explosive is also happen from time to tome, therefore, choose good quality after shower room is very critical. Shower room advocate material for toughened glass, compared with the PS plastic board, toughened glass has the advantages of good transparency, visual space is large, and there is no plastic plate aging defects, has become the preferred material. The quality differences of shower room glass, JiaLie toughened glass there is a big security hidden danger, toughened glass is not difference with common glass, when viewed from the outside to the difference of toughened glass and common glass only two ways: one is to see whether the glass on the corner has fired up to 3 c logo and brand trademark, the second is whether the damage after glass thinly slice rendering granular instead of sheets. Now a lot of brands have shower room USES aluminium framework titanium alloy ingot especially on track, advantage is mainly aluminum titanium alloy itself has the anti-oxidation function, namely and can increase the bearing strength of pure aluminum. Choose aluminum titanium another advantage is that can not do plating processing, surface polishing treatment with ecru or wire drawing processing, is unique aesthetic. The shower room chassis zoning cylinder basin of high and low two kinds. Can sit with cylinder type, suitable for a family of old person or child, can also be a crock of multi-purpose, laundry, water, etc. , deficiency is cleaning the trouble. Low basin, by contrast, is concise, the price is lower than the high basin. In addition, consumer should choose side panel removable chassis, in order to clean, prevent the smell.
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