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Shower room makes between wei yu in a small space is to use! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Exiguous in house prices high, nowadays, most young people in order to be able to have a belong to his own house and struggling day and night, while the small family household is most people are able to take the room. Similarly, the assigned to each function of the bedroom area is relatively also too won't big. For the small family, reasonable use of limited space area is one of the most concern all owners, both to ensure the use of the space area, also cannot affect other space aesthetic feeling. As the household life, between the wei yu that must be used to wash gargle, bath, toilet, things that defend bath to receive the function such as natural a cannot lack. Even some families also need to consider how to fill in again on the basis of this a few below a washing machine. In this case, the reasonable use a space is a top priority, and in numerous sanitary equipment, in addition to should choose the most suitable for bathroom sink size and lavatory, use diamond shower instead of bath crock is the most common way of modern families. 35 Kachin disquiet disquiet series with angular space imagination, become a pearl mountain peaks; Is located in the late glacial nyenchen tanglha eastern south slope, the flat, founder, cold, persistence all together in one, and become the ideal of life, passing on poetry as beautiful as the distance, the l-shaped handle away is not the glass door, is the feeling of echocardiography. Disquiet series adopts imported SUS304 stainless steel precision casting hinge structure, elegant design and practical; With fixed door is made of the organ shape strip seal, lian wall adopts a single 'concave' stainless steel structure, installation of more efficient; Aluminum alloy substrate fixed glass, have the effect of free glue; Polygon Angle bar, effectively avoid obstacles when fixed diamond shower room, is suitable for the bathroom space neat. And the glass of shower room, both to ensure the illicit close sex of the space that defend bath, and may well have the effect of ventilation. Whole toilet space design is compact but not crowded, very suitable toilet area is lesser.
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