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Shower room mat secret of choose and buy, one is enough! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
'Heavy disaster area' between wei yu is a damp, for the elderly and children, it is very easy to slip in this area, especially in after bath. For family security, we should choose and shower room mat, in case they might slip accidents, so how to choose and buy? Shower mat 3 big coup 1, prevent slippery degree of water absorption of choose and buy when making selection, must check it good enough water imbibition, generally speaking, the fine quality of products, its bibulous rate is lower, the displacement is, the greater the and dry fast, but also because of its bibulous rate is low, so the friction with the ground become larger, when use will not be so easy to fall. 2, want to consider the texture and density of it in when choosing, should also be from product side view and tidy enough, on the surface of the drain fit enough, take another look at its shows speaking certificate, because only qualified mat, USES in the bathroom does not so easy to damage. 3, the thickness of the mat before buying, be sure to measure the thickness of it, in order to determine whether the product is qualified, of course, can also be used to wipe the surface, to see if there will be a scratch, scratch, appear easily if the show mat density is not enough, but not too thick, too thick because mat shelter evil people and practices easily, clean up will be very troublesome, and the water vapor absorption after go in is not easy to scatter, lead to mold.
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