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Shower room matters needing attention of choose and buy, buy shower room safe and rest assured! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Toilet area is quite large, the installation of shower room is the best way to handle it, dry wet depart of shower room products on the market make a person dazzling, how to buy high quality safety shower room, ordinary consumers can from two aspects of material and process to consider! Just take a look at the shower room and shower room under the attention of choose and buy! A, the thickness of the glass and toughened glass of shower room is about safety and reliability, when using high quality mostly use high quality glass shower room glass or thicker full toughened glass, beautiful and durable, suggestion choice of toughened glass, slit for chamfering processing, to reduce the potential safety hazard of broken glass. Second, the thickness of the aluminum alloy thickness and surface treatment of aluminum alloy shower room will directly affect the overall soundness, the thicker the thickness will be more stable. The surface of the aluminum alloy for ion oxidation processing and electrostatic pensu processing, coating should combine and firm, exterior to light lasting, so can more anti-aging, discoloration and corrosion. Three, pulley bearing sliding door of shower room pulley is divided into the upper pulley and glide wheel, when the choose and buy to check its flexibility, push-pull is light, is there a block phenomenon, used for screw fixation to adopt stainless steel material, if the pulley larger sound or push-pull astringent, can affect the service life, and good pulley wear resistance and smooth switch freely without noise. Four, water retaining the retaining water of shower room is artificial stone, marble, quartz and other materials, advised to choose a quartz stone material quality, strong hardness and resistance to dirty. Five, the size of shower room size according to the size to decide between wei yu, before decorate obligate bath room space. Toilet is in 4 to 5 square metre, can choose the shower room with 1 m x 1 m; ; Born in 8 - 10 square metre, can choose 1. 5 by 1. 5 meters; Also note, toilet height not less than 2. 2 meters, decorate in the basis of measured before it starts and planning, drainage, water supply and the location of the wiring and set aside.
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