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Shower room of choose and buy aluminum quality directly affect the safety and service life

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Shower room has become our home will pack sanitary facilities, now many families, hotels, hotels, villas and so on all have installed shower room between wei yu, along with the social development, more and more people want to buy shower room, but at the time of shower room of choose and buy materials meet many problems, because many consumers for shower room knowledge understanding is not much, also don't know their material quality shower room is how to choose and buy, such as aluminum should be how to choose the shower room? Remind you, must be careful when choosing shower room is the material choice, because aluminous material is good or not directly affect the safety and service life. Why choose shower room aluminum must be carefully, because by aluminum sustain a shower room firmly support, if the material quality is bad will affect our own security, and use life, usually we choose aluminium need multi-angle test hardness and degree of finish, first you have to understand the importance of aluminous material hardness and thickness of aluminum into account need to support a few jins weight, so must be better in terms of quality, the service life of the general good shower room about 3 - 5 years or so, if the quality is bad of shower room is about 1 - service life 2 years or so, and at the same time take shower room safety into consideration. Shower room manufacturers to teach you how to choose and buy aluminum shower room, general ply is in range of 1. 2mm- 1. Between 5 mm, some even can reach 2 mm, in terms of hardness can be achieved by simple hand pressure aluminum frame can test out the hardness of aluminum, adult makes it difficult to hand pressure deformation, hardness is probably around 13 degrees or above. How do finish, good aluminum coating is firm, tonal and bright, is not easy to corrode, its surface is smooth and colorless and trachoma. Such as brand shower room, 35 ShangXi series flat open shower room is a standard size in 900 * 900 * 1950 mm, the thickness of the glass in 8 mm, hardware is mainly bright silver color and drawing, the products main features in the shower room door and fixed fan is made of the organ strip, completely sealed, never slack. Wall adopts a single aluminum structure, the installation of more efficient. Aluminum alloy substrate fixed glass, glue sealing, have the effect of free glue. Obstacles, when fixed effective multilateral type Angle bar.
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