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Shower room of choose and buy small knowledge: what and which price is good - shower room manufacturer

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-20
Many families when the choose and buy sanitary ware, shower room became the second choice to them. Now many families have been installed in the shower bath shower room can prevent splash, wet floor and the surrounding facilities. For shower room glass door to choose how much you know? As small make up and share the shower room door of choose and buy of related knowledge, and see it together. 1, degree of toughened glass shower room of the extent of toughened glass is toughened glass door requirements of glass thick depends mainly on the design of shower room modelling, therefore toughened glass is not as thick as possible. 2, see mark certification buy glass shower room, want to buy have the outer packing, marked with the brand, the site of factory and product certification, the most important thing is to recognize the glass toughened glass CCC certification and brand identity, not covet is cheap and leave evil for subsequent use. 3, buy famous brand many small manufacturer in order to reduce cost, use half toughened glass and hot bending glass. The shower room is made of glass, easily influenced by outside factors, is likely to burst, damage can't be avoided. 4, listen to the voice when choosing glass shower room, glass with knuckles on glass, listen to the sound of glass, and if the sound is ringing is toughened glass, if the sound is dull is common glass, ordinary glass hardness is not enough, can withstand the pressure and force is not enough, in use process is still prone to cracking. 5, touch the flatness of toughened glass flatness will be worse than common glass, use hand to touch toughened glass surface, there will be a concave and convex feeling. Observation of toughened glass edge, there will be a curve. Put two large pieces of toughened glass together, radian will be more obvious. 6, observe whether the glass looks like glass connect fully, miscellaneous points, defects such as bubbles. The impure or process of making glass material defects can make glass have miscellaneous points and defects such as bubbles, reduce hardness and strength of the glass, etc. Wear polarized sun glasses to watch glass, toughened glass should present a chromatic stripe spot. If the light side glass, toughened glass will have blue spots. At the same time, the authentic toughened glass carefully look at patterns have vaguely. 7, pay attention to the hardware accessories and hardware glass shower room can't be ignored, especially the handle, wheel, etc. Because if there is a small Angle of toughened glass damage the whole piece of glass will automatically burst. Always follow the shower room shower space provides the high quality for the consumer, the product quality as the vitality of the brand and the core of enterprise development key, as one of China's top ten brand shower room of shower room manufacturers, with the high quality shower house price and service for the user to create a comfortable and convenient life.
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