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Shower room of choose and buy some, no longer have to worry about the pit! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
A lot of people in the shower room of choose and buy when there will be a psychological change process, think at the beginning, is it not a shower room, shower place can have what good idea, but will be more and more behind, the more I think, how to buy a shower room and so many things? What room? What environmental protection not environmental protection, and bought up really, really hard (brain cells, don't be afraid, shower room small make up comb to everyone, today's time to buy shower room need to pay attention to what problem! Before decorating shower room reserved space in the market now can buy the minimum only need shower room toilet has 4 to 5 square meters ( Around 1 m * 1 m) 。 And double shower room you will need to install a toilet is about 10 square meters ( 1. 5 m x 1. 5 meters or so) 。 Room height not less than 2. 2 meters. Consumers should not only pay attention to the area and the height of the room when the choose and buy, also notice before decorate in the basis of surveying and planning. For wire position, the leakage protection switch device Settings should be considered as early as possible, it is inevitable that the rework or inconvenience or for future use. Identify whether material shower room environmental protection for consumers should pay attention to choose acrylic material shower room, some compound yakeli board used in the glass contains formaldehyde, is one of the toilet pollution sources. Tell the acrylic material way is to look at shower room interior, if the back of the acrylic board and face are different, coarser, belong to the compound yakeli board. In addition, despite the fact that with acrylic, its bearing and durability is also different, consumers should also be the reason of choose and buy. According to room reasonable shower room shower room cover an area of an area small, the choose and buy toilet area can be as long as there is 3 to 5 square metre installation. On the market at present is mainly around the corner of the most common type of shower room and a shower room two glyph. Choose what kind of style, mainly on the basis of the bathroom pattern. In general, Angle type of shower room is installed in the bathroom, the corner is not so good processing area, save a space relatively. A narrow elongated toilet should choose to install a glyph shower room.
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