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Shower room of choose and buy the buyer must to see -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Today, many people have to choose and buy a shower room as a bath tool, so what's the details to the choose and buy the shower room we need to notice? Down to take you know together. One, pay attention to space the size of the now on the market to buy the smallest shower room ( 1 X1 metres mercy) Only need toilet area has 4 to 5 square meters. And installed a double shower room ( 1. 5 meters X1. 5 meters mercy) The mercy requires the toilet has 10 square meters. Room height not less than 2. 2 meters. Consumers don't just pay attention to when the choose and buy the area and the height of the room, also pay attention to before the root decoration to measure and planning. Second, pay attention to the center of equipment procurement with the function of steam shower room should pay attention to when the steam engine and computer control panel. The steam function is the center of the steam engine, if the engine does not pass, in not the long time is bad. In addition, computer control panel also is the central place of shower room. Because all the function keys of shower room is on the computer board, once the computer board problems, all the shower room cannot be enabled. So when purchasing must ask the steam engine and computer board's warranty time. Third, pay attention to the primary raw material now used by the shower room first is acrylic sheet. It is understood that some compound yakeli board use of glass contains formaldehyde, is one of the origin of toilet pollution. Tell the acrylic material method is to look inside the shower room, if the opposite of overcomes force board and face are different, rough comparison, due to the compound yakeli board. For example, some acrylic color change will happen with time is too long, while others appear tiny cracks, this is some brand of shower room is expensive, and the leading cause of some cheap.
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