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Shower room of toughened degree decided to completely for toughened glass - superior quality

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Toughened glass is a common annealed glass cut into required size first, and then heated to close to softening point, and then to get rapid cooling uniformity. Toughened glass surface form even after processing pressure, while the internal tension, to increase the performance of the glass, tensile degrees is 3 times more than common glass, impact resistance is 5 times more than common glass. The toughened glass of shower room between 6 ~ 8 mm, and with full toughened glass is excellent, the stand or fall of quality and thickness has no direct relation. Many small manufacturer USES half toughened glass or even hot bending glass. The shower room is made of glass, easily influenced by outside factors, cause potential safety hazard. Buy carefully nursing care after shower room clean, because of the simple shower room is a relatively closed small space, so do not despise clean of it, including the hardware of the widget care as important as the overall shower room clean. The main body of shower room is much by toughened glass, all kinds of alkaline bath long-term erosion will make the glass of shower room attached yellow on the scale. When cleaning, can be sprayed on the special glass cleaner, reoccupy does cloth to wipe the can if brightness is new. For various parts of the shower room hardware connection widget, do not use any detergent to wash, lest affect the service life of the corrosion, the easiest way is to use dry cloth to wipe the dust dirt clean every week, to keep it clean. Tip: shower room on the back of bathroom furniture, cleaning the often neglected, easy to accumulate more condensed water, so the bathroom furniture is put when had better leave appropriate gap is convenient for cleaning, or at the bottom of the front, behind, dangling bathroom cabinet, clean condensate is very convenient.
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