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Shower room partition of choose and buy and install it from what time to begin? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Now most families use shower room to dry wet depart, for the installation of partition you understand? Know how to install? With these questions, small make up to you to introduce the partition door of shower room how to install. Partition refers to the special space is not the half of the facade to interior space, in decorating a process, many physical partition by such as furniture, get wet in the rain screen is one of them. Shower partition with toughened glass, glass thickness, 6, 8 mm. Any goods are beautiful and durable, it is a rule, so when choosing the style, to be beautiful and durable and the practicability of the goods must also be considered. 1: the disadvantages of conventional type suit shower room, not in the shower door, but on the base, including brand goods, all have the same weakness. Generally made of acrylic shower base, and acrylic materials in damp places easy to mould, split would happen after a period of time, a little better about the base of the durable time to 3 - Four years, nearly about 1 - 2 years. Besides the drainage hose under the base of easy jam. Especially the women's long hair easy to deposit in the drain. 2 suggestion: suggest you had better use here straight shower partition, unlimited size, can make full use of space, more rarely happen. You can choose according to their own actual situation, different size should choose corresponding design, general toilet the width dimension of about 1. 3 m - 1. 6 meters, between this size can choose 2 time (the door That is fixed, while activities) Less than 1. 3 m should choose three trips door ( All three doors on the stack) Door in opening is bigger, the benefits of this account for two-thirds of the total size, big enough. And greater than 1. 6 meters should choose four door ( Both sides fixed, intermediate activities) , although the gangway with two time as large as the door, but it can door is divided into two pieces, reduce pulley because of glass is too heavy and affect its durability. 3 installation: shower door installation is exquisite, generally the toilet ground is not level, individual toilet ground slope is bigger, although when installation or adjust the pulley to leveling up, but not necessarily to use smooth, or slide will appear automatically, use after a period of time will appear magnetic suction from the seam and leaking. Suggest you in the installation of the shower screen location ( On the ground) With a 6 - 7 cm wide, with shower door always the same width as the length of the marble, namely matrix to adjust the ground level, on the aesthetic than directly install the shower door on the ground.
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