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Shower room partition should do much more appropriate? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
How much do right? We choose when choosing shower room partition, how to let the shower room partition is simple and convenient, is a shower room more affordable and concise design, is suitable for narrow between wei yu, just from the shower room below small make up to introduce the next. How much do right? The market common shower room partition standard size - in 1000 Between 1600 mm, height 1800 - About 1900 mm, in order to improve the comfort, the door size can have more than 550 mm, so in and out is very convenient. If you want to be more bigger, it must can! How much do right? Shower room partition can have borders and no border: no border, high plasticity, easy to do the calibration oh, from the Angle of the human body, wu kuang xiao do 500 mm. So its size depends on personal preferences and structure to determine the shower room. And have a border shower partition generally little can be done about 800 mm, the door space of at least 500 mm or so. How much do right? Said to comfort, in addition to open the door size, should pay attention to the door of the way and direction also need to consider to be clear about, the sliding door is province, but at least more than 1000 mm, and choose the inside and outside the door, to pay attention to whether or not to open the door side need to put other sanitary ware products such as toilet, bathroom cabinet, in case of collision led to glass burst.
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