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Shower room really will blow itself up, but can be avoided! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Search on the net, about shower room explosion injuries can be easily found in many reports. Owner is in a nice warm water bath, explosive injury was shower room glass, it makes a person feel terrible thriller. In fact, there are a lot of the cause of shower room is explosive, only need to do a good job of maintenance generally can avoid oh ~ it by a shower room below small make up to say for you! PART 1:1 toughened glass shower room explosive reasons. Glass shower room quality problem don't in order to select 3 without the product showed the toughened glass, must choose normal products. Suggest you choose well-known brand and after-sales service more good tempered glass, 3 c certificate, quality certificate, patent certificate, be short of one cannot, in this way can we guarantee the quality problem of the bath room. 2. Glass shower room is improperly installed in the process of transportation and construction, may let the glass defects such as scratches, blast, blasting mouth side, or the installation process of glass has a certain slope and artificially changed the shape of the glass can also lead to explosive issue. 3. Glass shower room use improper maintenance in daily use process, if there is a sharp objects hit the glass shower, or a sharp change of temperature is also a factor to the glass from exploding. PART2: how to reduce the risk of glass shower room since the explosion? 1. The choose and buy high quality toughened glass door must choose toughened glass products have 3 c certification marks on the certificate. Additionally we wear polarized sunglasses when watching glass, should present a chromatic stripe spot, naked eye side will have a blue spot. 2. Properly installed glass door to prevent improper installation of the toughened glass explosive phenomenon, as far as possible when the choose and buy a product, require manufacturers to provide professional on-site installation, such problems can also be the pursuit of responsibility. Installation supervision, don't to cut glass, because after the toughened glass processing, very prone to spontaneous detonation phenomenon. 3. Key protection glass edges around the edge of the toughened glass is weak, once the cracks easily will the whole piece of broken glass. In daily life, we must pay attention to protect the glass edge location, see if corner cracks on regularly. 4. As explosion-proof membrane as explosion-proof membrane can prevent the glass from exploding fragments flying hurtful situation. Choose as far as possible when use explosion-proof membrane, through the international association of diaphragm certification, to have qualified explosion-proof membrane production safety film.
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