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Shower room: salute to life - with high quality

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Shower room has occupied area is not large, can effectively achieve the dry wet depart, winter can have heat preservation effect, and many other advantages. But a lot of the owner of the house of shower room has ooze water leakage, installation is firm, door of push-pull not free of many installation quality problems. Every time appear this kind of circumstance, the owner always blame shower room quality is bad, in fact many are improperly installed, and quality of shower room is not too big relations. Shower room as a custom class products, not the standard products such as toilet, faucet, install the master does not need by strict professional training can be carried out in accordance with the installation instructions installed correctly, shower room even sent to the customer's home is just semi-finished products, need to be trained to master the correct installation. If the installation personnel is not professional, will produce a series of negative effects and even glass explosive, etc. The service life of the installation of shower room has a vital role. Leaking shower room 1, check the weather bar of shower room is installed 2, check whether between shower room and the walls of the bottom basin, lay the glass glue 3, check whether the gap between the bottom basin and wall seal installed 4, check whether go to the water, drainage pipe joint is sealed with the advent of non-standard shower room, shower room the size of each different, must first before indoor installation design drawings, according to the actual situation is out of the shower room weather bar size, weather bar can be embedded into, before installing this time will not seep water. , of course, also can bury it, use glue sealing, water retaining, but time after aging for a long time will not seal, so need to pay attention to when installation dimensions and installation method. The installation of the shower room at the bottom of basin of shower room is leaking has a vital role. If you have any moisture retention, the installation will have great influence. Bottom basin with pipe connection at the same time, pay attention to the robustness, prevent water leakage. Hose, can controller according to the need to distance. Shower room bottom basin of poor drainage or water is 1, check whether there is drainage device, a drain plug, 2, check whether the ground is not smooth, base installation, uneven is adjusted. Shower room with a water base installed is not adjust well bottom level state, can take a shower room high twist twist screws at the bottom of the foot is low, the water will flow to buccal side tilt, until to adjust. Shower room door is not smooth 1, check tightening pulley, location of eccentric wheel are consistent, to tighten the adjustment 2, to check whether there is foreign body activities or glass door wheel stuck 3, check whether the upper and lower guide rail is installed in place, the glass up and down hole if there is a deviation from the shower room activities above or below after the door closed with a degree, check the door parallel cracks, adjustable base, or adjust the eccentric wheel in order to achieve parallel 2, installation time, whether the verticality deviation, have, reshipment is China top ten brand shower room, shower room is a specialized overall shower room of shower room manufacturers, adhere to the concept of 'share shower space with the world', the main products are simple shower room, shower room, to provide customers with high-quality products and services to shower room.
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