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Shower room secondary flower is aspersed, how to choose and buy? - - - - - -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Toilet is the place that we use every day, such as summer arrived, take a shower every day, for those who have cleanliness in the summer more than take a shower, take a bath to relax the body also is very good way, but the height of the flower to asperse shower room can also decided to shower in the process of comfort, so when the choose and buy flower to asperse shower room, need to know what knowledge, how much height is appropriate? Flower is aspersed say simple is shower bibcock, also known as a nozzle, a full set of the flower is aspersed includes handheld shower, shower head, shower on such as main material, external and heat-resistant stainless steel plating, if you have ever been to the flower is aspersed to know, can know many different kinds of flower is aspersed, portable showers, head shower, several water shower panel, and so on, and in many families, is the most common flower to asperse shower column again tie-in with showers, this also is the most common style on the market, many consumers love, the good and the shower screen the species, it can be from the top of the head, back a lot of places, such as water, meet the needs of some of the people. Flower is aspersed when the choose and buy, the first to consider is height, height of the ceiling height and decided the flower is aspersed should have highly, flower is aspersed into with the two forms of showers and dark, with the platform of flower is aspersed on flower is aspersed is bounded out of the water, the height of the installation is best is two meters from the ground, to the dark flower are aspersed in the metope of the water, the height of the ground is best at about two meters, the height of the switch place off the ground is about one meter one best, but in reality, the height of the flower is aspersed can also be ordered according to the individual be fond of, oneself use the comfortable is the most important thing, if need to adjust the height, it's best to start with the salesman confirm whether can adjust, avoid the accident.
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