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Shower room strip, the biggest security - dry wet depart

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
As we all know, as a big one of the main functions of shower room is wei yu dry wet depart. And as the waterproof ones is the strip of shower room. Below small make up take you into the world of shower room, those thing to you shower room strip. Strip is an indispensable part of the shower room, main function is to protect the glass, glass to prevent collision explosive and waterproof effect, strip of material in the market now are mainly PVC, EVA, etc. , both because of the different nature, different role respectively. Strip quality mainly depends on the quality of raw materials and processing of process control. Now the domestic market the best strip is PVC strip, because its performance will not change because of the climate change. Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, performance can be guaranteed. Its superior performance became the biggest guarantee of shower room dry wet depart. In the shower room work vary the position of the strip, the organ strip, dislocation glue, waterproof glue, etc. Waterproof strip, generally in a place such as the test material and bottom rail, the strip good tensile performance, compressive strength performance, can guarantee the walls and the surface of the matrix and perfect cooperation and glass, so as to realize not dozen glass glue can also be waterproof, are beautiful and healthy environmental protection. Dislocation strip and organ strip anti-aging ability, ultraviolet radiation, some brand strip temperature test, in - Extremely extremely cold environment to 80 ° 50 ° C thermal environment all can normal use. And some in the market against the water in the bottom of the door of shower room is no good design on the processing of strip often appear slack phenomenon, and another of a manufacturer of shower room design open the door with spring hinge, hinge parts need to cut the strip processing, causing strip from top to bottom is not a whole, the hinge parts leaking in severe cases. In short, cheap shower room USES the technology of refrigerator door magnetic strip and sealing strip quality is very poor, transparency is not good, more impurities, easy aging rupture, short service life. So when selecting a shower room, must pay attention to the details of the strip, to ensure the security of the buy rest assured performance good shower room.
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