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Shower room there are so many parts do you know? -

by:Appollo     2021-04-11
Along with the progress of The Times, and now became the most common bathroom shower room sanitary equipment. Many people think, shower room is made of tempered glass and aluminum element of a shower, but they ignore other important shower room fittings. So what are important to a total of shower room accessories? Shower room under the led has been to meet everybody. Firstly, pulley is side of box, there are divided into aluminum alloy and stainless steel these two kinds of material. Compared with aluminum alloy, stainless steel, resistant to acid and alkali quality more good, so a little bit will be expensive. But not all are high-grade stainless steel with good quality, such as domestic 201, 202 products is also very easy to rust, need at least 304 to resist rust. Second, the next is tempered glass, toughened glass which is decided by the quality of the frame. Good stainless steel to withstand 10 mm, 12 mm thick of toughened glass, generally good aluminum alloy to withstand 8 mm thick glass is no problem, the stress difference of border can withstand 5 mm, 6 mm thick glass. In terms of choice of toughened glass, car more good level of toughened glass, surface transparent and no particles and pinhole. And there's a kind of easy clean huo glass, when shampoo and bath foam adhesion in the above, will be like water droplets slipping down, not like ordinary tempered glass use after a long time, will accumulate into a gray layer of dirt. 3, water retaining stone block water stone can be divided into artificial and natural both. Natural stone is suitable for use in has laid the floor tile in the bathroom is used; And man-made stone no juncture, also not easy remaining material, more suitable for use in MAO embryo to decorate. Four, rail track is also an important skill to shower room when the choose and buy. Many problems in the later use of shower room, are the fault of the pulley of. Many pulley appearance with a nylon jacket, but there were things around. So it's best to choose to use 204 stainless steel pulley, then choose copper material. And alloy material due to easy to rust, with long falls off easily, cause dangerous. The pulley is good or bad how to distinguish? Actually very simple, try a push with the hand, the high quality pulley out very smoothly, is inferior to exert oneself to do STH. Shower room accessories, of course, is not only a few listed above, there are other accessories such as Angle valves, shower, only in these parts is normal, no damage to the case, can bring us real comfortable enjoy bath shower room; The lack of the shower room accessories, these will be a dream.
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