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Shower room type analysis: where is the shower house price difference? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Now installed in the space that defend bath shower room in the home has been more and more, the majority of people should have to buy the experience of shower room, so a less known and inferior brand shower room only sell a flat two dollars, the domestic first-line brand shower room at SanSiQianKuai, international brands from special offers four dollars to tens of thousands of pieces of a top class brand, has said he is toughened glass, 304 stainless steel, the price is differ in where? Below will be taken from type shower room and shower room of material from two aspects to illustrate the problem. A, the type of shower room now, general family generally choose simple shower room, we today is primarily to explore simple shower room, Hereinafter referred to as the shower room) Safety considerations of choose and buy. Shower room according to the shape can be divided into vertical Angle shower area ( Arc segment, diamond-shaped shower room and shower room L shower room) And straight shape shower area ( Rectangular shower room) 。 The shape depends on the toilet door model of shower room. 1, straight form a glyph shower room, shower area, that is, according to the opening and closing of the door way is divided into push-pull type open, peace is the most common practical type. Straight type shower area modelling is simple, in place against the wall into a space can be installed, is the best choice for small bathroom. One word shower room cannot energetically push and pull, in case of damage. 2, vertical Angle shower room is the biggest characteristic is can better use the bathroom space, expand the usage. Its shape is diversiform, suitable for most decorate a style, common are square diagonally form, curved shower room, shower room diamond form shower room. But there is position is narrow small, lack of air flow faults. Vertical Angle is common in small shower room or alien toilet. It will take a corner position, if applied to the alien toilet, can let a space become founder on visual effect. What type of shower room is the best choice? This problem cannot treat as the same. Different application effects of shower room is different, you choose, need you according to the home of toilet area, shape, decoration style and be fond of. Contracted style shower room is the most intuitive performance brand shower room design, it emphasizes element with Jane, but cannot ignore its function and practical value. The overall layout of the space that defend bath, shower room, we should not only pay attention to the total expression of spatial symbol, and the pursuit of the appearance of lively and concise.
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