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Shower room USES ceramic Mosaic tiles, everyday just how to clean? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Ceramic Mosaic not only prevent slippery, high temperature resistant, and bibulous rate is low, make the house there is no leakage, no longer worry about wet a perfunctory phenomenon appear, good texture and art effect is the best performance, so, many families will use shower room USES the ceramic Mosaic. But often water, sewage, shower room, Mosaic tiles maintenance and cleaning time headaches. Mosaic tiles decorated after maintenance: 1, after the shop is stuck to clean when bonding layer and tick off seam mortar after the final set, can start to clean the surface of the Mosaic. Cleaning work need to prepare two barrels, a new cleaner, a clean water, the first wet dishcloth in barrels of detergent, don't have to twist dry, then cleansing Mosaic surface in the form of a circle, and then in the second with a clean soaked a sponge in the bucket, reoccupy sponge Mosaic surface, wipe all the residues. Finally, use a sponge to wipe the surface again until clean. 2, after the shop is stuck to check all the details to finish whole metope brick, bonding layer after the final set, pointing to end, do it again check, will be left in nuiko float sand can be used in the clean soft brush gently out of the wet, beyond the mm of the frame joints with 1:1 induce severe GouPing cement mortar, then wipe with a cloth. When the adhesive layer and tick off seam mortar clean them after the final set. 3, after the shop is stuck to do a good job of ventilation Mosaic after completion of the shop is stuck, should pay attention to the protection of the finished product, for proper drying. In the spread of the surface should avoid sun exposure, indoor appropriate adequate ventilation, keep to the completion of 24 hours or so, the general brick Mosaic later maintenance shall be not less than 7 days.
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