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Simple compared to the bathroom and shower room, which do you prefer? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
In today's society, many people enjoy in meet the material at the same time, also do not forget to spiritual enjoyment, can see come out from many places, such as faucets, from ordinary faucet to upgrade to the induction faucet, become now so convenient the elevator downstairs, in the way of pure and simple before bath, now has been upgraded to install into the shower room, then what is the difference between with common bathroom shower room? The main shower room is toughened glass, authentic toughened glass surface is a decorative pattern, a faint thickness in 6 - 10 mm, between the Glass and 3 C and Tempered Glass, the 3 C certification marks toughened into the Glass of shower room, so as to avoid undesirable businessman printing or paste the 3 C mark muddle through. Shower room put an end to use common glass or tempered glass is too thin, quality closes nevertheless, because of the inferior glass is easy to blow itself up, to avoid an accident, please choose authentic toughened glass. Shower room USES the aluminum alloy frame, the surface make pensu processing, has the characteristic of rot, rust, generally in more than 5 mm thickness is not so easy to deformation, skeleton unqualified can lead to the crack of the glass or explosion. The chassis of shower room can be divided into with cylinder high and low two, with high plate cylinder can sit people, suitable for those who have the family of the elderly and the children in the home, one cylinder is multi-purpose, but the downside is difficult to clean. Price low low plate is concise, the according to the number of family members to decide, if there is no old people and children, suggestion choice low disk. There are two kinds of the open means of shower room, between the door with sliding door, sliding door of slippery course is relatively easy to scale or falls into hard objects, clear is not very good, easy to make the door switch is not free door were damaged, it is better to choose between the door. Shower room with bathroom to compare commonly, needless to say all know more noble and grade, air shower room, beautiful, quality and other aspects, are like the bathroom can't, this is one of the reasons for the shower room is popular with many people.
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