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Simple shower room and shower room is good, who better to choose? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Now on the market have a whole and the two kinds of simple shower room, shower room the function of the whole shower room has a lot of, have a shower massage, answering the telephone, and other functions, there are also many open way, than only the most simple dry wet depart function of simple shower room prices higher. So simple overall shower room and shower room both comparison, choose who is more cost-effective? Overall shower room can be overall shower room price is too high to complete function is by spray device, shower room, shower panel, roof or fish tank, glass shower room USES toughened glass, bottom cylinder and floor are generally use acrylic composite materials. The overall shower room is fully enclosed, so the heat preservation performance is very good, you don't need to worry about the cold weather. Some overall shower room also have a foot massage, massage, FM radio, steam showers, exhaust, answering the telephone, and other functions. Overall the drain with a separate shower room, so don't have to worry about completely wet toilet ground, even more, the construction problems of the old house also can install and use, this is the reason that the whole shower house price is expensive. Simple shower room material simple and cost-effective simple shower room body mainly for toughened glass, the frame adopts aluminium alloy, the chassis for acrylic composite materials or stone base stations. Simple shower room of the structure is simpler, basic bath function, although there is no more additional features, but it compared with the whole shower room, more independent and concise, permeability is strong, have strong decorative performance, the price is cheaper, can according to the actual situation of toilet and host family hobby to customize. One thing worth mentioning is, simple shower room without caps, so belong to semi-enclosed space, poor heat preservation function. In choosing a simple shower room is to note that the room body glass is not as thick as possible. Due to the simple shower room glass thickness directly influences the overall price, so generally flat open type bath room, glass width generally larger, so the stability is relatively poor, can choose the thickness of the large glass ( Greater than 5 cm) And the fan, diamond, square, activity because of the glass width is small, such as the door relatively good stability. In addition, the owner still want to consider to open the door way and the actual area of the relationship.
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