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Simple shower room and shower room, which one will you choose -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Everyone wants in the home can enjoy a comfortable shower experience, so many people in the home to install a shower room, forming an independent space, realize the dry wet depart at the same time, improve the safety. But to the shower room installation division, mainly has simple overall shower room and shower room two kinds big, do you know how much again? Overall function of the high price of complete overall shower room shower room by spray device commonly, shower room, shower panel, roof, bottom of basin or bath, shower screen USES toughened glass, bottom cylinder and back is commonly acrylic composite materials. Overall shower room belongs to the totally enclosed, heat preservation performance is good, even in the winter without bath bully. In addition, the overall function of shower room ready, sometimes with a foot massage, massage, FM radio, steam, exhaust, answering the telephone, and other functions. As a totally enclosed bath room, with independent drain, need not wet toilet on the ground, so for the old, construction problems cause the housing of ooze water, temporary building without waterproof, etc. , can also be used. Overall shower room defect is expensive, the product at ten thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. And the size of the whole shower room, generally larger, and the basic custom, flexibility is poor. In addition, because the function is relatively complex, the old man used must have family guidance, children generally cannot be used alone. According to the rational demand of choose and buy if you choose the overall shower room, suitable is very good, you know. When the choose and buy must pay attention to the basic aspects: 1. The overall shower room is relatively high technical content, quality is very good choice and after-sale are guaranteed brand. 2. Don't be greedy, enough is good. Because the general domestic toilet area is finite, too big shower room will take up too much space, give a person with depression. 3. Considering the door way. Open the door way general divided into open, flat open ( Sliding around) And inside. General outside the door when I opened the door to occupy large space, want to consider whether actual area is enough. 4. Considering the overall height is the height of the shower and toilet. Overall shower room height in 2. About 1 meter, when installation should also raised about 10 centimeters, so the actual height is higher than 2 toilet. 2 meters, otherwise can't install. 5. High at the bottom of the cylinder can surf bath, but if there are old people and children at home should try to choose low cylinder, otherwise the in and out of the inconvenience. In addition, in terms of installation, ceramic tile shop sticks can install completion of whole shower room, the owner when decorating, the reserved water circuit. Need to point out that bathroom shower room should be installed first, then install again other items, otherwise it may appear the status of the installation bath room space. Simple material simple shower room most cost-effective simple shower room body for toughened glass, the frame is aluminium alloy, the bottom basin for acrylic or composite stone base stations. Simple structure, simple shower room wash bath function basically complete, no additional functionality. But it compared with the whole shower room, the space is relatively independent and concise, appear a sense of strong, don't keep out the overall effect of ceramic tile shop sticks of toilet. In addition, its price relative to the overall shower room and other complex products are much lower, generally fluctuates in 3000 yuan ( Depending on the area) And rich style, can be customized according to the toilet. But there is no 'roof' simple shower room, warmth retention property is relatively not very good. To note when choosing simple shower room, glass room body is not as thick as possible. Because of simple shower room glass thickness directly influences the overall price, so, generally flat open bath room, the width of the glass, generally larger, so the stability is relatively poor, can choose the thickness of the large glass ( Greater than 5 cm) , and fan, diamond, square, door width smaller due to glass, such as the stability is relatively good, so choose centimeters thick glass can, need not spend more than necessary. In addition, the owner still want to consider to open the door way and the actual area of the relationship. Actual area of the small toilet can choose folding door or open the door of the simple shower room. From the installation, the installation simple shower house need to reserve water. Bathroom wall, floor tile shop sticks can be after the completion of installation, still follow the first principle of shower room to arrange other facilities.
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