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Simple shower room at the time of wholesale should pay attention to what problem? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Now constantly improve the people's standard of living for the reconstruction of shower room is also has a different style, in the face of the so many characteristics of shower room should be how to choose, this is a lot of people are struggling with a problem. The appearance of simple shower room makes a lot of people for many people it is a very good thing, don't need to entanglements what do product selection time! Simple shower room also has a lot of products, the following will give you recommend the good shower room! What is a simple shower room? Simple shower room is a fashion and structure is very clear shower again, this has a simple structure and the independent space, I believe that everybody knows. When we stay in the hotel, each bathroom with a shower. Most all use toughened glass shower room, won't cause problems, such as breaking glass, and effectively protect our security, let us feel more comfortable. To buy shower room should pay attention to the problem? 1. To check the material and certificate at present, the most simple shower room are on the market USES toughened glass, frame aluminum alloy manufacture. Therefore, we can observe carefully when buy materials. Basically is to see whether transparent toughened glass, the presence of bubbles, knot and so on, the aluminum alloy surface blisters, scratches, etc. Can be controlled by hand press the aluminum frame to identify the test of the hardness and the overall soundness of shower room. In addition, still should pay attention to whether there is a 3 c authentication marks, product quality inspection certificate and toughened glass patent certificate, so as not to buy bad products. 2. The different sizes of the bathroom shower room style each different. If your bathroom space is narrow, very suitable for corner shower room, save a space, convenient. But if the bathroom is very big, please choose according to his be fond of and demand. 3. See pulleys and leverage if you buy simple shower room with sliding door, you can also test whether or not the pulley by hand steady pull, pulley and aluminum guide rail is closely matching, etc. Also, pay attention to the shower room bar. It is recommended that you choose three types of stable rod, rods and diagonal, they are safe and reliable. 4. Attention to detail you must pay attention to hardware hinge, beam, handle, seals and other details. After all, detail decides success or failure, it is also used for the selection of shower room. In good quality shower room, sealing strip in the hinge does not have a breakpoint, the glass door between the sealing strip is good, the water retention performance is good.
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