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Simple shower room brands to meet different types of consumer demand

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Since the 21st century, as people in the pursuit of quality life, shower room industry developing rapidly. As people for the adornment of the space has more and more new requirements, no longer only the toilet function between wei yu, its interior need and other room also has a unique style, high school low-end brand shower room also in these years. With the continuous development of sanitary ware, shower room brand, style, function more and more, also more and more able to meet the demand of the use of different types of consumers. At the same time, the market emerged the phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up, shower room many undesirable businessman in order to save costs, gain more benefits, use inferior aluminium and half toughened glass and even common glass to replace completely tempered glass, resulting in a decline in the quality. But because of its low price, so it has attracted many consumers of shower room don't understand, shower room explosive injury accidents frequently happen. In 1998, a uphold the 'provide consumers with high quality service' concept of shower room manufacturers - — Shower room, born in guangdong, it also marks the sanitary ware industry in China has entered a new era. Since its birth, shower room is developing rapidly and remarkable achievements, has now become one of China's major manufacturers shower room, form a complete production base to meet the requirements of international brand shower room. Quality, is the shower room is the life of the brand. 'Designed in detail, skilled in quality' are all the same belief. Shower room has a professional research and development, sales and after-sales service team, the toughened glass shower room are through the national 3 c certification, and achieved the BS6206 standard car class completely tempered safety glass, use aluminum imports from Australia, strict material selection, for building high quality shower products, strict system process and operating standards make the products become domestic shower room of shower room industry benchmarking. Quality up, design achievement, and the management idea of 'honesty, efficiency and co-prosperity' is the brand become a well-known brand shower room of shower room is another important factor. It is with the brands of the firm faith, shower room to grow. Shower room shower life advocate fashion and personality, healthy environmental protection, the concept of green sanitary ware to create healthy products.
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