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Simple shower room of choose and buy good or good overall shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Many people want to choose and buy a shower room to enjoy the wonderful shower pleasure, but they don't know to choose shower room on the whole, or a simple shower room is good, the following popular science for everyone. A, don't be greedy, enough is good. Because the general domestic toilet area is finite, too big shower room will take up too much space, give a person with depression. Second, considering the overall height is the height of the shower and toilet. Overall shower room height in 2. About 1 meter, when installation should also raised about 10 centimeters, so the actual height is higher than 2 toilet. 2 meters, otherwise can't install. Three, the old man and the child's family choose bottom cylinder. High at the bottom of the cylinder can surf bath, but if there are old people and children at home should try to choose low cylinder, otherwise the in and out of the inconvenience. Simple shower room can be divided into two categories, and a box frameless, wu kuang is given priority to with hinged door, while a box with aluminum and tempered glass, metal pieces of composition of sliding door or open the door. Compared with the whole of steam sauna shower room, simple shower room has its unique characteristics and advantages, is a 'simple but not simple'. A, price factors. Inflation lead to rising prices for some consumers spending increases a lot, so when choosing shower room is naturally tend to simple shower room price is cheaper. Second, the exterior factors. The characteristics of simple shower room because of its small and simple, very suitable for family bedroom area is around 100 square meters. Three, non-standard factors. Besides can choose custom simple shower room, if necessary, also can make the style of the partition screen directly, not only small, convenient and much cheaper price. This paper released by shower room tidy
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