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Simple shower room suited to choose what kind of glass? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Toughened glass is considered safe glass, his advantage is intensity rises than common glass multiple, bearing capacity increases, improved the brittle quality, higher thermal stability. The resistance to cold and hot properties of toughened glass is 2 ~ 3 times higher than common glass, usually bear the difference in temperature of 150 lc above changes. Toughened glass applied in simple shower room is the most appropriate. Qualified simple adopts toughened glass shower room, this is for security point of view. If you use a common glass making simple shower room, glass, once damaged, glass fragment is a large mass fragment, experience caused great harm to people. Choose qualified vital simple shower room glass, whether man-made destruction or explosive, can completely avoid these hazards. In addition, the explosive rate of toughened glass is tempered glass in toughened factory production of explosive probability, rather than the user in the explosive rate in the process of use. The shower room of toughened glass are through the national 3 c certification and reach Europe BS6206 standard, toughened evenly, high safety coefficient, is enough to make consumer trust. Due to the nature of toughened glass explosive is inherent, theoretically impossible to rule out the possibility. Although quality selection of toughened glass, damage to the human body can be controlled in the skin surface minor injuries, but still suggest user to choose new explosion-proof laminated glass, the harm of human body can be reduced to zero!
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