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Simple shower room which brand is good? Shower room manufacturers look at the six o 'clock! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Buy now simple shower room can be said to be more and more. Shower room with its beautiful and fashionable, save a space characteristics by the modern people more and more popular and loved. Practical, comfortable, people tend to be the choose and buy the product that defend bath is key factor to measure, of course, there are matching the price. In the face of good and evil people mixed up brand shower room, in a wide variety of sanitary ware market: how do you know if simple shower room which brand good? Shower room manufacturers - — Shower room to teach you how to identify! 1, to advocate material glass explosion-proof distinguish simple shower room which brand is good, is critical to the quality of the glass, ordinary glass shower room cannot be used to do, must use toughened glass, and glass used in shower room engineering should follow the following four aspects: ( 1) Have 3 c certification marks, use laser print directly on the glass is preferred; ( 2) Toughened glass thickness is 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm and so on a variety of specifications; ( 3) Check the glass edge whether have damage, chamfering edge grinding process is smooth; ( 4) It is a good shower room will be three over one thousand of the explosive rate, so it's best in the glass with a layer of explosion-proof membrane; 2, aluminium to strong good aluminum material strictly, not only the surface can also processing through many layers, the coating is firm, tonal and bright, not corrosion, and thickness will be in 1. 2mm- 1. 5 mm, some shower room manufacturer even to 2 mm. 3, slippery course to smooth pulley wheel seat to use the compressive strength, resistance to heavy material, such as general shower room factory will use the 304 stainless steel, high-end synthetic materials. Wheel seat sealing good, it is not easy to water vapor into the wheel, the wheels of smooth sex can be guaranteed. 4, put his hand to secure the handle of shower room had better not too abrupt, especially with the elderly, children in the home, shower in the handle of the edges and corners is too trenchant crashed into the vulnerable. Had better choose smooth appearance, switch conveniently, effortlessly. Shower room manufacturers - — Shower room fully consider the consumers use safe, many series of products handle fruity modelling beautiful, avoid collision. 5, strip to close high quality of the sealing strip of shower room should not be a breakpoint in the hinge, door sealing strip between should have magnetic, sealed performance is better. Shower room USES the entire strip sealing way, and the door is equipped with water chute, truly achieve the space that defend bath of wet depart. 6, the door to be comfortable and sliding door does not occupy a space, suit small family toilet, but slides easy fouling or falls into hard objects, not easy to clean. Flat open, suitable for large area of toilet, switch is convenient and easy, but the strength should be uniform, and beside items should not be easy to knock against, you can choose different ways of opening according to family. Sliding door series, shower room USES removable double slide rail and hanging rail type design, push and pull more smooth, more clean, put an end to health corner. 'How to recognize simple shower room which brand good today' topic to share here will be over, the hope can help you, want to know more information, please continue to focus on shower room shower room manufacturers - — Shower room! China's top ten brand shower room, shower room is a specialized overall shower room of shower room manufacturers, adhere to the concept of 'share shower space with the world', the main products are simple shower room, shower room, to provide customers with high-quality products and services to shower room.
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