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Simple standard measurements and what - shower room products

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
New house decorate the space that defend bath, consumers are increasingly demanding to sanitary facilities, most consumers can choose simple shower room, but want to install simple shower room, but they don't know how to measure the shower room size, we all know that each family the space that defend bath installation size is differ, shower room and shower room is the product design style diversity, consumers in the measurement of size also want to consider what to choose the style, so simple shower room products standard measurement method have? Shower room manufacturers in this remind consumers, simple shower room size standard size measurement is very important, if the cracks or error if this section may affect the subsequent orders, production, installation and other work can be affected by a lot, even may not be able to install, so consumers must attach importance to this point, if consumers do not really know how to measure and suggestion in the shower in the consulting service of choose and buy, or looking for professionals to measure for you. Attention, if consumers want to install the shower room of shower room or full half arc arc and the customer has buried groundmass must measure customer groundmass is in conformity with the standard curve of the company, if arc a far more than 10 mm, we can't order. 1, if the room groundmass has a slot ( Relative to the hinge door) , please the actual size of the quantity groundmass slot and indicate the groove depth of the corresponding size. 2, the room body measurement - — I company for all room body measurements of unified regulation for platform peripheral size ( In the standard room body, for example, measured size is the bottom basin edge size) 。 3, abnormal situation of measure - — Some terrain may reinforce the door to do, or tie rod to lengthen, at this time, should be measured the size of the abnormal parts, marked on the order; Also, pay attention to the unusual situation of inside toilet, determine the correct direction of the door, open, and the size of the door, inside and outside. 4, shower screen measure - — Lock wall is used to adjust aluminum screen than actual size to reduce 5 mm after measurement, after the lock wall was measured with the screen of the glass clamp 2 mm smaller than the actual size, must not be enlarge the size, in addition, some building walls may slightly tilted, so the measurement to measure the width, middle and under the three position, take the minimum size for customization product size. Standard measurement method above is shower room products, since the shower room brand establishment in 1998, at the same time, in the meantime get 'top ten brand shower room' many families or hotels and apartments villas have installation shower room, get consumers praise and trust, if you want to buy shower room please select strong brand company, brand shower room is a good choice worthy of our trust, there are more than 450 national brand shower room distribution shops, in the material and accessories are all qualified after many tests, and security have been toughened glass to ascend, each glass are independent production and processing safety guaranteed, let consumers more rest assured the choose and buy.
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