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Simple VS whole shower room, shower room who is more cost-effective? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
There are overall shower room and shower room on the market two simple shower room, shower room the function is all ready, some still take showers massage, music and other special function. Open the door way also is varied, but the price is a little bit higher, how to choose in the overall simple shower room and shower room? Shower room appear slack, how to choose and the construction of the isolated factor? Overall shower room whole shower room by spray device commonly, shower room, shower panel, roof or bathtub, shower room USES toughened glass, the bottom of cylinder and floor general for acrylic composite materials. As a totally enclosed bath room, with independent drain, need not wet toilet on the ground, so for the old, construction problems cause the housing of ooze water, temporary building without waterproof, etc. , can also be used. The size of the whole shower room slants big, generally and basic custom, flexibility is poor. In addition, because the function is relatively complex, the old man used must have family guidance, children generally cannot be used alone. Simple shower room simple shower room much room for toughened glass, frame is aluminium alloy, the chassis for acrylic composite materials or stone base stations. Simple structure, simple shower room wash bath function basically complete, no additional functionality. But it compared with the whole shower room, the space is relatively independent and concise, permeability is strong, don't keep out the overall effect of ceramic tile shop sticks of toilet. Because of the influence of simple shower room glass quality is one of the reasons for the overall price, so generally flat open type bath room, glass width generally larger, so the stability is relatively poor, can choose the thickness of the glass. And the fan, diamond, square, door board because of the glass width is small, the stability is relatively good. In addition, the owner still want to consider to open the door way and the actual area of the relationship. From the installation, the installation simple shower house need to reserve water, toilet wall, floor tile shop is stuck finish to install, still follow the installation shower first, then arrange the principle of machinery facilities. China's top ten brand shower room, shower room is a specialized overall shower room of shower room manufacturers, adhere to the concept of 'share shower space with the world', the main products are simple shower room, shower room, to provide customers with high-quality products and services to shower room.
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