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Simplified shower room to wholesale and how to choose, just look at these aspects -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Between wei yu is one of the highlights of household decorate decorate, also is the most difficult part of it. Because between wei yu is wet for a long time, so now most of the bathroom products have waterproof function. At the same time also more and more people choose to install a simplified shower room between wei yu. Shower room can let a space of independent design, also can satisfy the people to enjoy the comfortable bath experience, but exactly how a large number of selected high quality shower room? Watch simplified shower room material, certificate today there are most of the simplified shower room, room body is composed of toughened glass, aluminum alloy frame. In the process of wholesale, must look carefully the material of shower room, especially the transparency of toughened glass, density and presence of air bubbles, etc. , the surface of the aluminum alloy is pay attention to whether there is the phenomenon such as scratches. By hand gently pressure aluminum frame, to identify the test frame hardness and shower room the overall robustness. Besides observing shower room itself, also need to pay attention to the room on whether to have the 3 c authentication marks, product quality inspection certificate and the patent certificate, etc. View the simplified the pulley of shower room, pull rod if wholesale is push-pull type shower room, shower room try to push and pull the door to test whether or not the pulley drive smoothly and pulley and aluminum track whether cooperate closely, etc; In addition, also need to look at the pull rod of shower room, in this recommend choose strong stability of straight rod, coil rod, tie rod 3 kinds. Attention to the problem of simplified the details of shower room detail decides success or failure. Is not only a shower room need to check the clear body, also note that the metal hinge, beams, shake handshandle of shower room, seals and other details. High quality shower room in seals must be in good condition and not hinge, door between the sealing strip is good, so that the waterproof performance of shower room is good. In our daily life need to do a good job in the maintenance of shower room can make its service life growth, it is recommended to clean the shower room USES special glass clean way, with soft dry cloth to wipe, avoid excitant bigger cleaner damage to it.
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