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Since the explosion happened frequently, shower room installation details should be aware of - everywhere

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Consumers in the choose and buy shower house, often do not have installed into consideration. If at the time of installation, shower room appear flaws or improper handling is the case, then it is likely to affect the use and security in the future, so at the time of installation shower room, must pay attention to whether the installation has been properly. If there are no consumers have rich experience in installation shower room, find a factory advice must be sent professional installation personnel to install door, so you can ensure the installation quality. Although the installation work to professionals, but consumers should also be properly understand techniques for installation shower room, then the following by the shower room explain for everybody! Step 1: before to check the packaging is complete, ready to demand the use of things. Step 2: the bottom of the assembly parts, control level, and connect the hose and floor drain well. Step 3: water experiments, see whether the water impounding, without stop. Step 4: use a pencil, spirit level in looking for a good bearing on metope, beginning with percussion drill holes. Step 5: aluminum, in the hole type colloidal particles, and use screws to aluminum strip lock at metope, continuously regulate position to ensure that the aluminum straight degree. Step 6: first will be tight glass clamp in the bottom of the hole, put the toughened glass in glass clip card slot, into the wall after the aluminum frame fixed by screws. Step 7: find a fixed location, punching, packed a fixed seat, and the pipe jacking pick up. Step 8: inside shower room has a shelf want to shelf installed at the moment, the first to insist on glass partition straight and level. Step 9: device swing doors, glass has left the hardware device, after loading to be transferred to the elastic medium, the switch is the most comfortable. Step 10: beside the glass surface, the installed with water retaining effect of strip, and silica gel seal all kinds of cracks. Step 11: on the whole shower room and each hardware accessories for final debugging. Step 12: the device has a decorative aluminum bar is good, clean shower room tidy.
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