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Since there are so many reasons, shower room - must be preventive measures

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Since the emergence of simple shower room, people with its characteristics of all, we also gradually be attracted. But for the shower room glass explosive injury accident report is many, simple shower room is like a 'time bomb' generally threatens the safety of you and your family, don't in such a may at any time since the explosion of space, you can follow one's inclinations of the bath? First of all, let's look at the explosive reasons of shower room: high quality of simple shower room on the market is the full toughened glass must be used, but even a full toughened glass, there's still a chance of explosive possibility, perhaps maintain undeserved, toughened glass exist disadvantages, such as hot and cold temperatures are the causes of explosive, of course is the most direct reason is also likely to choose bad tempered glass, so when the choose and buy and use we must pay attention. A, poor quality of toughened glass, if in the absence of external force, toughened glass blow itself up, usually because of quality problems. On the market at present most of shower room product selection is a 6 mm or 8 mm, there are many consumers think blindly toughened glass thick security is higher and higher, stronger resistance to impact, the quality will be better, in fact this is a fatal mistake! There are a lot of manufacturers to increase sales, the grasp of consumer psychology of consumption, estimates that make the thickness of tempered glass into 10 mm, in order to attract consumers to buy. Glass is too thick, it will bring some inconvenience to transport and install, so consumer shower room when the choose and buy, be sure to look for the toughened glass on whether there is a 3 c authentication, etc. Second, improper installation shower room besides quality reasons, in terms of installation if it is improper, is also the causes of toughened glass explosive. Toughened glass in processing, transportation, storage and construction process, can cause defects such as scratches, blast, blasting mouth side, cause stress concentration and lead to explosive; toughened glass Or installation of toughened glass, artificially changed the shape of the toughened glass can also cause the explosive of toughened glass. Three, improper use shower room in daily use process, if the tempered glass have been hit or due to the rapid changes in temperature, also can appear the problem, so the owner avoid hit shower room in everyday use. In winter, when using, can open ahead first bath bully, enhance the temperature of the room, to prevent the tempered glass because of temperature change and strong explosive. In addition, can also be labelled as explosion-proof membrane, even if the shower room, glass fragments will not splash around, cause harm to human body.
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