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Sit implement, implement selection method

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-01
Decorate bridal chamber of friends, in the selection of sanitary ware, often do not know how to start in front of the wide variety of goods. In numerous sanitary ware, choose closestool is undoubtedly an important choice, Appollo today and share the sanitary ware that how to choose a good toilet.

one, according to the appearance of choose and buy

choose the toilet must first select the appearance of the toilet and modelling, is in line with the home decorate a style, only in this way can make the home to decorate the integral collocation is reasonable, and not be mixed.

2, according to the size of choose and buy

choose from the appearance of the toilet on the right to the toilet, after a certain amount of toilet the size whether meet the size of the toilet is placed in the home. Especially the base whether the distance between the outlet to after the toilet tank wall and toilet drains and the distance between the wall in the home. If the size can't meet, not to buy.

3, toilet flush way

now in the market of toilet flush principle is the basic type and siphon type two kinds. Siphon type and points of spiral type siphon and siphon jet.

1, straight strong pattern

straight strong pattern implement is to use the current momentum to eduction poo, generally steep wall, water area is lesser, so water concentration, then circle around the fall of the water more, washout pollution with high efficiency.

advantage: the flush process short, compared with siphon from carrying capacity, straight strong pattern implement no return water to turn into, easy down the dirt, not easy to cause blockage in the process of washing, don't have to take a rubbish bin in the bathroom.

2, siphon

now on the market basically is a siphon toilet, siphon and siphon jet vortex type, again after the drainage pipe filled with water, can form a certain water level is poor, with the help of strong water suction when the row will be stolen goods.

advantage: the deodorization effect is very good; Flush when the sound is very small, and no noise. Siphon way of water, wash it easy to stick on the inner wall of the toilet of stolen goods.
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