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Small common sense that defend bath, prove that you really understand life!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-22
In one day, we inevitably is the contact and sanitary environment. No one would want on the choice of wei yu furniture will, no one would want to go home after a day's work or busy have to endure not too satisfactory sanitary environment. So choose good sanitary ware products will make you a better relax after busy, defending bath of clean and beautiful environment either in bath or health can let a person feel very comfortable.

a, the bathroom clean ‍

everybody knows the bathroom is where the temperature is very high, even if no one to take a bath, the bathroom in the corner of the surrounding temperature is higher than other toilet. Around in the bathroom is very easy to have some of the bacterial growth, or mold, so you need to get some bleach to, with an old toothbrush to clean the work well.

2, cleaning the toilet maintenance

the toilet is a place where people often, so the toilet is used long especially the seat is easy to become yellow, so prepare some detergent, and then some old silk goods, and then around the toilet clean.

3, toilet deodorant soap

must pay attention to the maintenance of bathroom toilet in the house, so use in addition to the smell of soap, so it is very easy to give get rid of the smell, and these soap or ornament.

4, the floating of the bathroom

actually, will find that every time you take a shower bath crock some dirty things, if is a long time there is no bathtub, then will be more, you can buy one or make a small net mesh, can be round, to remove floating like a fish.

five, in addition to flavor coup

in the finished toilet is generally will open a window, so on the Windows can put something in addition to taste, cool, like this can be very good in addition to flavor, but also the effect of cool and refreshing.

choose a good clean sanitary ware sanitary ware products can appropriately reduced pressure, good sanitary whether from the appearance or style of performance, can go beyond general sanitary appliances, material also more environmental sanitation, clean strength can be appropriately reduced. Choose Appollo sanitary ware, is a kind of investment for life, and the returns are family endless health and comfort.
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